Working with Zapier to capture action from One Action S

GOAL : When a value changes in, Trigger a Webhook that Creates a Workspace then Duplicates a Board in the New Workspace.

FACT : I have been successful in

doing both of these actions independently.

CHALLENGE: I am unable to run these steps together or can I? Meaning, In order to “Duplicate the Board” and have it go to the destination Workspace, I need the Workspace ID.

TRYING: I am trying, but not succeeding in taking the Workspace ID (which gets created and I can see it in the test results) and put into the variable of the Workspace_ID of the Duplicate Board.

QUESTION: Is this possible? Thanks for your help…. See Image attached.

Hi @corey.masson!

I believe that what you need here is another Zap that will return the Workspace Id of the workspace you just created that can then be used in your “create Duplicate Board” Zap.

You just need a query call between these two mutation calls, if that makes sense.


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