[How To] Automate Zapier Creating Board in a specific folder

Hi there,

I’ve created a zap to create new boards based on a template board… which works great… but I don’t seem to have any control over which Workspace or Folder that new board is created in…

If I could control that… it’d be a perfect automation!

Happy to do this via webhook rather than default Monday.com zapier integration… but also don’t see a way to identify the folder for a new board to be made in via a webhook either…

Any thoughts?

Hello @Ronnie_Deaver!

Welcome to the community! I hope you like it here :muscle:

You could create and action that duplicates the board and specify the workspace ID for it:

mutation {
  duplicate_board(board_id: 12345, workspace_id: 112233, board_name: "New board", duplicate_type: duplicate_board_with_pulses_and_updates) {
    board {

As for the folders, that is something that can’t be done as of today.

Would something like this work for you for workspaces?

Looking forward to hearing from you!