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I currently have a Workload Board which pulls project information from my Workspace. Due to the limit of 60 connected boards (We are on Enterprise), I have to continuously archive my projects. However, although I have created another workspace for Archive, when I do move a project board from the Active to Archive workspace, it doesn’t get removed from the Workload connection. it only references the new Workspace.

My question thus, is how can I restrict my Workload board to just connect with other boards within ONE Active workspace. So that the moment a project board moves out, the connection would free up.

Hello @MurtazaTalib !

What you are doing is not really what monday considers as archiving.

You would have to archive the boards this way for the connections to free up.


If there are connections, as is your case, they will be removed.


If you do not want that to happen, you would most likely have to restructure your account to avoid this problem.

If you need any professional help with that let me know.

Hope this helps!

Giannis, Implementation Consultant at

Thank you for your response.

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