Workload Across all Workspaces

Hello - We are using our workspaces where each Project Manager has their own workspace for all projects they are managing. We all use the same resources (team of consultants) across all the projects. The workload boards apparently don’t show all the hours that someone might have assigned to them, regardless of whose project they are working on or what workspace. Users are unique to the account so I don’t see why it would be built out to segment and reflect only a resource’s capacity on a specific project instead of the platform as a whole.

Nothing in settings and it doesn’t look like any real solutions are being proposed on this rather major flaw.

This may or may not be helpful to you, but you could create a dashboard with a workload widget and connect the dashboard to each project managers “project board”. There is a limit to how many boards a dashboard can connect to however. This is dependent on your Monday plan.

The limit ruins it, however. The limit is data from 25 boards. We have at least 50-75 porjects/boards at any given time in our organization and atm. we have to do workload managment in spreadsheets with no help from the Monday platform. It is such a disappointment that has not implemented some sort of solution to this. And mind boggling, frankly, since medium and large companies in many cases probably have to avoid Monday all together for this reason alone.