Workload - custom active days per user


  1. Add custom active days per user
  2. Keep Sunday as first day of the week for date purposes but make Saturday and Sunday inactive in workload view.
  3. Custom pick which days are active (unlike only 5 or 7-day).

Workload is very limited in that it either shows the 5 day or 7 day allotted days for each person. Although you can assign custom hours per week per person, some work part time or on different days then others. Even better would be to set hours per day per person.
Also, the 5-day view starts on a Sunday. Can’t change it to start on monday unless you change the entire system settings to have all calendars start on monday (which is weird).

Hey @bogdan,

Thank you for your feature request :pray:

We just wanted to check if your particular request is already addressed in the existing feature request here? If so, we can merge the 2 requests to consolidate votes and put greater emphasis on this need. Let me know!