Workspace Templates App - new limitation

Hey developers!

We have an important update regarding the creation of workspace templates on our platform.

Previously, there were no limits on the number of entities included in a workspace template.
While this allowed for significant flexibility, it also had some drawbacks.

One major concern with unlimited entities was the potential for overloading the system, resulting in decreased performance and reliability.
This was particularly noticeable during the installation phase, which heavily relies on the number of entities within the app.
To address this issue, we have decided to set a limit on the number of entities included in an app

  • 50 boards, dashboards, and documents in each workspace template.
  • Up to 10K items across all boards.

If you have an app that exceeds this limit it will still be able to be installed, but it will not be able to be upgraded to the latest version unless reduced below the limitations.

New apps will be forced to mind the publishing limitation.

When should you expect that to change? Dec 23rd 2023

We ask that you review your apps and ensure they fall within this updated constraint.

By implementing this limit, we aim to improve system responsiveness and maintain a reliable experience for all users.

We appreciate your cooperation in keeping our platform optimized.

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Can we share workspace templates with other accounts on Monday?
We have two monday accounts and we would like to share our templates

Hello there @Jean,

Yes, you can share your workspace templates with other accounts.

You need to create an app, create your workspace template feature, then go to the app’s “share” section and copy the link for it. Then with that link, you can install the app in another account and use the workspace template.

Please note that:

  1. The workspace template feature needs to have a category (in the feature’s configuration screen)

  2. It is advised to create a new minor version of the app and promote it to live, before sharing the app.

  3. When you look for the workspace template in the other account (after installing the app), you need to click on the “+” button, then on “Add from templates” and then search for the name of the workspace template feature (not the name of the app).

I hope that helps!


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Good morning,

Thank you very much, it works!

Quick question, if we exceed the number of items and sub-items, they just won’t be copied? Or can this have other consequences?


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Hello Matias,

I used the template function, it’s great!

But I have a question, after creating the tables via the application, if I uninstall the application, will the tables remain in the account?

Thank you,

Hello again,

Yes! After the template is used to create boards, the boards are then part of the account and are not bound to the app feature.

Regarding the question you asked earlier, if you try to promote a version of the app to live and the workspace template has more than 10k items, the app will not promote and you will see an error message about it.

Let me know if you have any other questions!


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