Wrap text in column headings and/or cells

Yes please - this would be a huge plus!

A wrap text option and/or some way to easily view (and format / output) whole fields is a sorely needed basic functionality missing in Monday. This request has 66 votes, 20 replies, and was posted two years ago. Yet there is no response from a Monday team member. :frowning_face:

This feature request was prompted by an earlier FAQ thread on the same topic that had many additional votes. @TRB-monday.com replied in that post August 2020 saying it’s not currently possible but should be submitted as a feature request. @TRB-monday.com can you please provide a status update on this requested functionality?

Some possible solutions that come to mind (in addition to basic text wrap) are a new type of form / card / report view where selected fields are dynamic and can be sized to show all the text they contain, including vertical scroll bar. Similar to forms and reports in MS Access. Ideally, this could be custom formatted per user preference for viewing and output to a printer / PDF etc. My team and many others really need this. Thank you.


Posting here to remind @monday that this is still something that would be nice to full time users

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@TRB-monday.com @monday-moderators @monday-team @CSG @CXS Any update?

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This would be of great value and not something I would think would take monday developers very long to do. PLEASE implement word wrap in Board Headers!

I am a new Monday user and that is the very first thing I noticed that I can’t do and it makes my board not as easy to read.

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+1 on this feature - I’m a new monday user so this would be really helpful for us especially for our notes

Please, this is so necessary - wrap text on calendars, especially. I can only see the first few words of each task in calendar view, which is so limiting.

+100 can we get this? this would be super helpful for the tasks with long text

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100% agree this is essential.

Yes! Please add this. It is a key feature and presence in many other program management platforms.

Please add this functionality, it is a key feature that many will use and is available in competing products.

It’s surprising this is not already a feature but just putting my vote forward for this one.

Agreed, this is a must for my Project managers.

Agree!! +1 here.
Waiting for this feature!

This is BADLY needed!
Monday is almost unusable without this

This feature is a MUST!

Any update for this feature? Half of the context disappear on cells because of that :frowning:

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Adding to the choir – this would be super useful to have!

This would be very helpful!