Wrap text in column headings and/or cells

@Monday This is very basic. Excel has it; MS Project has it. Any reporting tool has it.

Your community has been asking to allow wrapping of column headings for 2+ years. Please

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Hi everyone,

Please join our discussion here: How do you work with tables in monday?
We’ll be very glad to know more about your use cases and needs.

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I think this is necessary as well.

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I’m new to Monday and baffled by the amount of apparently easy to solve shortcomings, like this one. Count me in!

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+1 for this feature.

Story: We would like to add key information related to a project board at the top of the page which links to other tools our team uses. We’d like to format this information to highlight certain items and also allow for clickable links.

The description field under the board title seems like an appropriate section/field that has greater potential. We could use that area/field to link to other key information related to the project that exist in other systems.

  • We are forced to maintain another area in Confluence to hold some simple information that we want hold in Monday.com, with nice formatting and clickable links.

  • We tried experimenting with a new LINK column in the board, but it takes up too much precious space for in the entire board view for only a couple of links we want at the top of the project.

Yes, we have the same need, and the exact same use cases. We use Confluence, Jira, and other collaboration platforms. We also use Microsoft 365, but our company hasn’t approved the integrations yet.

Even when they are integrated, I still see a lot of value in being able to list the links to key assets and references for a board right at the top.


My company could use this as well. Rich formatting for board descriptions would allow us to link to other tools that we use besides Monday.com, especially ones for which an integration is not otherwise possible/easy to create. This actually ties in to my request for Rich Formatting for Form Field Descriptions - rich formatting all around would accomplish a lot of goals!


I’d like to simply use this space to add a reminder to other users. It would be nice to be able to adjust simple attributes like font size/bold/character case, etc.

In our use case, we utilize our Boards to schedule deliveries. Each board is for a different day. We also use a general board to track Inquiries. I’d like place a bright, bold note in the board description reminding our scheduler to let users know that they can leave reviews for our services. Something big and bold that he can see when he is on the phone with them.

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I agree with this entire thread. It would be very convenient to have HTML / Hyperlink support in the description box for each Monday board for those of us who use several linked boards. My use case would simply be an index of all linked boards in one spot.


I wonder if, after 1 year, a representative from Monday.com will provide feedback on this request :thinking:


We would also strongly support the need for this feature - it would make sharing boards for projects a lot easier as we could provide context and links to further related sites (eg SharePoint) where necessary rather than trying to sew this together another way.

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I am also waiting the same feedback/update on this feature. Same need over here.
Advanced Board Description with hyperlinks. :frowning:


And I came to the Community to make this exact suggestion. Please to see I’m not the only one. Our Board descriptions are getting quite long and unweidly!


Is this where the ‘docs’ feature is going? This is somethign Clickup does very well

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Also, I just put a note in a board about one of our trucks requiring service and thought it would be beneficial to be able to quickly “Search Everything” to look for when the truck was requiring service, but found that the Description Field is not included in Search Everything results…this would also make that area much more useful.


Also VERY interested in this feature. Should not be too complicated I think, but very useful.
Any updates by Monday.com?

Bump. Adding my voice in favor of this. To give team members context for a campaign or project, I’d really like to be able to put the goal/objective at the top.

Additionally, I want the Form page to be easy accessed, and since the Form View takes users to the editable form instead of the usable form for some reason, I’d like to be able to add a Form link at the top, too.

I am in need of linking users to an NDA form that they must sign and upload. I can accept their files, but currently I have to type “please copy/paste this URL into your browser to download” which is clunky. All I need is rich formatting to make it a hyperlink. :slight_smile:

As a user, I would appreciate the ability to format the Text and Long Text columns either in rich text or HTML. Please ad an option achieve this (perhaps something like TinyEditor ?)