Wrap text in column headings and/or cells

Yes, this would be really helpful for us too! We often detail minutes and highlight the important bits in bold red to ensure a quick sweep of the eyes catches these words. If we could do this in Monday.com it would move another vital tool over to this service from our current sharepoint site


Very new user here.

Any update on this?

I am using the long text in an email and I would love to have it be a bulleted list. Am I missing some other obvious column type that would hold a bulleted list that could then be used in an email?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


Also using long text to personalise my automated email templates. This would be an awesome feature!


Yes having this would be amazing. Right now I would like to add a description to a text field, but it just looks messy.

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Would love this. Having to dig deep into a task items for a richer text is really bumming.


We need especially the possibility to process text longer than 2000 letters/characters. At least an option to change the maximum .


This feature is an absolute must and a huge oversight for a platform as broad and mature as Monday. There is just no easy way to add a rich text description for a pulse!

  • You can add an update, and pin it to the top, and the conversation icon shows the number of updates. BUT, only the person who created the update can edit it. Useless as a description.

  • You can create an Item Card, fantastic, and you can add a collapsed long text field that you could edit in the card, great! BUT no rich text. Useless as a description.

  • You can add an Info Box Note, name it “Description”, and you can add nice rich text. BUT, an unselected pulse has no indication that it has any Info boxes. When you select the pulse, Updates is displayed by default (or the Info Card if you made it the default). There is no way I can find to make Info Boxes the default tab. I have tried this method for adding descriptions before, but people kept missing the description info box. And it takes two clicks to get to what I consider to be the most important part of the pulse. And - btw - Info Boxes are DEPRECATED.

I feel that the lack of a quick, easy, rich text description for pulses is the biggest problem with Monday and it has me looking at alternatives.


Any update on this? Is this where ‘docs’ is going?

A variation on this request would be to be able to select the text standard for the field.

For my purposes, I would like to be able to write HTML into the field (I’m using the column to populate other resources via the Monday API). It wouldn’t have to be rendered, just saved. Right now, the field strips out any HTML I add as soon as I leave the board.

It would be great to be able to select that a Long Text column be raw text (and not filtered) or Rich text.

Just want to stress how helpful this would be.

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Yes please!!
Why doesn’t this exist yet??

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Totally YES! and also sanding HTML Mails.

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Please implement this feature asap. We really need it!

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Hey guys!

We recently released the app that does exactly this! Feel free to check it out here: https://monday.com/marketplace/10000030 and let us know if you have any feedback!

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Pretty funny that you can

write HTML

in this editor in a safe way, but it is disallowed in the actual app. My use case has nothing to do with HTML, I want to just be able to use the <> brackets at all. Anything inside them gets deleted. I am trying to use a long text column to store a preformatted message I will send to a slack channel. I want to format a link for slack by using their notation of <www.url.com|display text>, but that gets deleted from the long text field when you try to save it.

Please let me use the brackets.

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Yessss, we SO need this! I cannot believe that such a smart platform as Monday does not have this feature yet! And the long text field itself is annoying - you can only make it longer, not wider, which is a pain in the butt when you want to read or write a longer paragraph.

Also, what’s with the character limit? Long text columns have a 2000-character limit, while the “regular” text column seems to have no limit :sweat_smile:


Again, to add to the community’s thoughts already, we need this feature. I am trying to move to using this “Work OS,” but can’t seem to add bullets to a text field. I communicate with other departments, and when sending out an agenda or minutes, which is great to track and store in monday, we can’t seem to use bullets. My documents then have to be “converted” and then re-uploaded as a new version.
It seems that there are many ways to do this, and no matter what database the information is stored in, there are ways to make this happen.
Please, let’s get this ability into the software.


It is astonishing that this has yet to be addressed! Let the people edit their text as they like!

This is an absolute must have, why is this basic functionality not supported? :face_vomiting:

It’s an industry standard and all of your competitors have it:

  • Trello
  • Asana

Now doesn’t that look nice?