Wrong dates when exporting board to excel

When exporting a board to excel we noticed the dates did not match the timeline column in the board. Anyone else have this issue?

Hey Marty!

This sounds a little odd… can you send over a screenshot displaying the differences?

Can you test the export behaviour when exporting from an incognito window please? :pray:

See below screenshots:


Hm this indeed isn’t expected behaviour!

  • Can you please try duplicate the the timeline column and export the board again?

If this behaviour persists (including from an incognito window), we will need our support team to investigate this I am afraid. Please reach out to our team via our helpcenter and feel free to reference this thread :pray:

Thanks in advance for your help!

It seems this issue only occurs after making a change to a date in the timeline - there seems to be a delay in what’s reflected in the excel export. I don’t know how long it took for the export to reflect the correct date’s but it was at least 15 minutes when we last did it. So, despite the board being correct, the actual data being exported to excel wasn’t updated and didn’t reflect what we are seeing until a certain amount of time had passed.