Wrong End Dates

So I created a board with items specifying both a start date and an end date to emphasize that the item is an all-day event. After integrating it into Google Calendar which worked just fine last week, it automatically set a different ‘end date’ into google calendar and I don’t know where that date came from. I thought there was something wrong, so I created a new board and the issue persists. Is this a bug because I can’t find the source of this wrong date at all.

We’re experiencing this exact issue as well. The end date is always +1 day in Monday.
What’s worse is if you have the 2 way sync active, Monday will keep adding a day perpetually because it’s trying to match the Google calendar event.

You’re right. It’s worse with the 2-way sync active. I have 3 different boards integrated into Google Calendar and it’s combining everything (because of the 2-way sync) and doesn’t even let me adjust the setting of how it will reflect into the Google Calendar.

What did you do to solve this issue?

Currently, we’re just using the one way sync from Monday to Google Calendar. Apparently this sync direction works fine, just not the other way around or 2 way.
Another short term fix is to add a time to the start/end date. I think this stops the weird end date behavior, but doesn’t make sense for my use case.

I’m actively working with support to find out what the issue is - will keep this thread updated with any significant findings.


Thank you for the tip about adding a time. I did an experiment on my boards by adding a time and it works when both the start date and end date has a time. It stopped the weird end dates (that keeps on extending) but I totally agree that it doesn’t make sense and it’s time consuming.

But yes, as a short time fix, this will do for now. Thanks a lot!

General update: Support/dev confirmed this is an issue caused with how Monday gets data from Google. They are still working on a solution, but there’s no ETA given.

In the meantime, it seems the only solution is to use start/end times to avoid any issues with the calendar integration.

Amazing, hopefully it gets solved soon! Thanks for the support on this!