Google Calendar/ Date Updates not registering


We are, and have been experiencing issues with google calendar snycing with For example, we have “renewals”. When a date is “renewed” or extended, it doesn’t always reflect on google calendar. Subitem dates added also do not always reflect on google calendar, although they all do reflect on Mondayt’s calendar. Further to that, I’ve noticed that if we entered September 1, 2020 as a start date, but actually meant to use November 1, 2020, and changed it, the “calculate” dates still keeps the original total. Additionally, if an item was duplicated with all the same information but the dates were changed, the calculations would still use the previous tally. For example, first item was 233 days and a certain calculation based on that. When duplicated, but changed, it still calculates 233 days if the new date does not already “increase” the number of days.

Has anyone else noticed anything similar? Or do you have a reasonable solution? To create an entire new item and enter the data again is extremely time consuming and defeats the purpose of “duplicate”, I believe.

I look forward to any suggestions!


Hey @Cvon,

I’ve found the integration between google calendars to be pretty consistent. But my question to you is if you have different date columns for the ‘renewed’ date and the ‘subitems’ date. You need to select each individual date column and sync with google calendar, and it will subsequently create a new calendar for each of those in your google calendar.

Not sure I understand the ‘calculate’ dates. is this a formula you have set up? if so go ahead and post it here for additional insight/context.

I am seeing the same issue for ‘duplicate’ items on my side. That is unfortunate. looks like you have to update the date in order for the duplicated item date to show up.