Trying to create a zap that updates Google calendar when a date changes on a Monday board

I have a monday board with a series of project milestone dates. When a date changes for a record/item in Monday, I need the google calendar entry to get updated. Currently it will create the entry, but it can’t find the entry to do the update - I keep getting a zap error.

Hey Yvette!

When you mention you’re getting a zap error, are you using Could you show a screenshot of what you’re seeing when you say zap error?

Just want to be sure we understand the error you’re seeing so we can identify what is causing this! :blush:

Hi @yhowe ,

We have recently released the app Google Calendar Sync which let’s you choose any calendar from your Google account, and allows you to build 1-way or 2-way integration (realtime sync) with them.

We have perfected the syncing functionality to make it smart enough to not make mistakes like native monday integration for Google Calendar does. Our app will always keep your updates in sync properly and will not create a new event on field updates. As per your use cases mentioned above, this app will fit perfectly in your workflows.

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