Zapier not finding specific column value changed triggers


I have a question regarding zapier integration with monday. I want to trigger a zap when a monday status column changed. It did’nt used to be a problem, but lately, monday integration in zapier is not able to find the trigger from monday.

I tried all sorts of things: logging out, adding new rows, trying in a new zap. It’s now happening most of the time nowadays when trying simply to trigger a zap when a status column changed. Either the request from zapier is throttled or it can’t find a instant trigger event.

Is there a change from Monday API I should be aware?

Thanks for the replies.

Hello there @Cyrille,

Would you be able to please send us an email to so we can take a closer look from there?

Please include if you can, a screen recording that shows your zap’s configuration, a run of the zap and the result you get.

Looking forward to hearing from you via email!


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