Zapier Request to

Hi All,
I’m trying to send a post request through Zapier to Monday using webhook.
In the request, I want to get the list of the items within a specific board which I have its ID from a previous step.
Now, the same request applied in Zapier I did in Postman which there it works.
Please look at the attached screenshot and let me know why I’ve been getting an error as a response.
The request in Zapier:

The error I received:

Hey @gavriel.zarka ,

try the query string like this

{"query": "{boards(ids:697587127){items {id name column_values {id title}}"}

Tell me if that helped.


Hi @TMNXT-Dev,
Unfortunately, that’s not working either. Very strange, it is a valid request, and it works on Postman plus in the “try it yourself” in the Monday API documentation.
If you have another idea, please let me know.
BTW, I’ve been getting the same results as I posted when I used your query.
Thanks a lot for the help.

Hey @gavriel.zarka ,

as far as I can see you also need a content type, which you have to add to the header.

Content-Type : application/json

Tell me if that helped, or you already added that and it’s not in the screenshot.


Hey @gavriel.zarka - could you try the suggestion above and let us know if it works?