Zapier | Update Item Dropdown Column Value

I am trying to update a dropdown column via zapier. This particular column is used to record the products purchased by a client, as such can have multiple labels.

What happens is the update overwrites any prior data in the column? How can I get it to append the label to the others that are already there?


Hey @Rtucker

I don’t think the dropdown column can add multiple labels unless they exist already, however if you could give us some more context on your workflow we can take a closer look.


Workflow is a CRM.

Customers can purchase more than one product over time. So I created a drop down column with each value (product) so can look at just the field and see their purchase history. So far so good.

Then when I want to update that field using Zapier, it wipes out any prior values and replaces with the current one. Even if the values are already created in Monday.

For example if a customer purchased product A in 2019 the zap would add that value to the drop down field. However if that same customers purchase Product B in 2020, the Zap will overwrite the Product A value in the drop down column and replace with Product B.


Hey @Rtucker :wave:

Thank you for getting back to us here!

That does sound like the expected behavior right now, since you’re sending a new batch of data and not including the previously existing values within the column. So if your board has “A” entered in the item, and you are sending “B” only and not “A, B” through Zapier, the previously added data is overwritten. Does that make sense?