2-way automated status changes between linked boards

Does anyone know how to automate the following:

Boards A and Board B have linked tasks. Status of task in Board A changes to X. Linked task in Board B automatically changes to X. AND the inverse is also possible. Status changes to Y in Board B, so status of linked task in Board A changes to Y.

Mirroring columns doesn’t work because you can’t adjust mirrored column contents directly and for some reason you can’t build automations off of mirrored columns.

Basically my goal is to have the same task live in multiple boards and not have to adjust it in multiple locations. This is reallllly hard to do for some reason in Monday.

Came here looking for almost the same solution, although I would be satisfied if at least I could change the status of linked task in Board B, when the status changes in Board A.

Right now, it’s only the “mirrored status” that changes in Board B, and as you say, you cannot do automations based on that.

Personally, right now, I’m leaning towards just doing it manually as part of my “Friday cleanup & maintenance”. Simply check if any of the “mirrored statues” are DONE, and then mark the actual status column DONE too. Downsides are:

  1. Manually work. Meh…
  2. If the task (usually bugs, in my case) is customer-related, the bug reporter would probably like to know as soon as the bug is fixed and deployed, so they can inform the customer. Imagine if it’s fixed and deployed tuesday, but I don’t update the (mirror) until Friday…

@cswimmer if you found a workaround for what you need, I’d love to hear it. Otherwise, here’s to hoping monday.com will add something in the near future. This post from July (2019!) might be a bit related to what you’re asking, and so far it seems we don’t have the feature: About the Link & Mirror function

I think what we want would be this ?
When a Status in a linked Board Changes to Something, update another Status on the other Linked board.