Ability to delete or block footer images from files

We use the “Write updates via email:” feature and CC into all our outgoing emails to get responses from clients/3rd parties.

With this what does become a problem is the number of images then attached in the files area which have been picked up from Email Footer. These cannot be deleted and clog up the files area. All the files we use and store in the files area are PDFs. Could you create the ability to block certain files types from being stored or at the very least give the ability to delete files which have been uploaded by other people from the same organisation.

Many thanks Andy

Hey Andy,

I’ve tested this and understand where you’re coming from. I can certainly share this feedback internally :pray:

That said, I am happy to go ahead and convert this into a feature request for our community to vote on! :slight_smile:

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Thanks Bianca, Any help you can offer with this one as it is unbeliveably frustrating wading through useless attachments of peoples footers.

Thanks again and look foward to hopefully seeing a fix in the future.

Hi @BiancaT Has there been any movement on fixing this issue with attachments? Many thanks in advance

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Hi @BiancaT Could really do with the ability to delete any attachments files from the files area asap as it is clogging up each pulse making it easy to miss the file you are looking for

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Hey Andy, I understand your frustration.

Whilst I’ve raised this internally as feedback, can I ask that you clarify specifically the files area you’re referring to? For example, it’s expected that files sent in the email will pull into the updates section, however are you referring to the files gallery or files column in this instance? You’re welcome to share a screenshot so I can add this to my comments!

Hi Bianca, I am referring to the Files update area.
If you were to click on the ‘add to conversation’ button on each pulse, it displays on the right hand a window with the tabs across the top

“Updates | Files | Activity Log | Info Boxes”

It is within this files area that we are interested in as it is clogging it up.

Thank you for clarifying Andy! Finally, when you mention images in the email footer, are you referring to images that are attached in the email signature etc or is file attachments in general? Thanks for your help - the more information the better so our team can work on improving this :pray:

Hi @BiancaT, Yes the images i am reffering to are the images in email footers. Im completely happy with any attachments to an email. Its just the signature images that are clogging up the files area.

Many thanks Andy

Hi @BiancaT hope you have enjoyed the christmas festivities.
Do you have an update on a fix date for this issue please. I am conscious that most of the time, issues get thrown on community forums like this and dont get actioned.

Many thanks Andy

Hi Andy,

Thank you and I hope you did too :pray:

I apologise for the lack of updates as I’ve been OOO. Transparently, I haven’t received a response from the team on this matter, in regard to a fix or change. That said, I’ve reached out directly to the relevant manager, so assure you this is on my list and I haven’t forgotten :pray: I hope to have information ASAP! Thanks for bearing with me Andy!

Hey @Andy-Hill thank you for your patience!

I have heard back from our product team, and I am afraid, as of now, we do not have concrete plans to fix the behaviour due to some more urgent priorities. I apologise for the inconvenience here and will continue doing my best to advocate for an improvement with the functionality here. If any further updates are shared, rest assured, I will let you know.

I really appreciate your understanding in advance …

Thanks for the update @BiancaT. We look forward to receiving an update to say this is being scheduled for a fix


Hello Bianca and Andy,
I too am having this same issue and would LOVE a way to not have the email signature logos/graphics added to the files section as they are bogging down our boards and making it difficult for my team to find the actual files needed. Weighing in in case it helps bump this update higher in priority. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Heather

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Any update on resolving this issue? The email to updates function is great but the email signature files create some frustrating issues.

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Hi Bianca,

Our organisation is also experiencing the same frustrations. Whilst you may not have any short term plan for this, I would really appreciate this being added to a future update.

Kind Regards,

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I appreciate your feedback everyone and hear your frustrations.

I have shared your comments directly with the product team internally, incase this is a fix we can consider prioritising in the near future - thank you for your patience with me :pray:

When I send email to Updates I change Format to Plain Text, but this only affects new messages. I too would like to figure out how to delete the images from previous updates!