Ability to edit form field options that already have been selected by users

Apologies if this is covered elsewhere (tried searching) or I’m misunderstanding, which is extremely likely – we are still in a trial period so very new to Monday.

OK, the ability to edit a form seems like such a basic requirement! Of all the systems we’ve evaluated, Monday is the only one that doesn’t allow you to edit form fields.

For example, say we have a field in a travel request form with a dropdown asking users to select what they want reimbursed (air travel, hotel, rental car, etc.). Over time, all of these choices, of course, are selected. Now we have a new policy: No more rental car reimbursement. You go to delete that choice and … it’s grayed out! Too bad; you’re stuck reimbursing rental cars!

Or say people select from a list of admin team contacts and one of those admins leaves the company. You get the idea.

I’ve been discussing this with your tech support. The first response: Any time you need to edit a form, just create an entirely new form! Ha! Terrible.

The only thing I can think of is pretty messy. Hide the existing field from both the form and board and create a brand new field. Is this really the only way? We constantly need to edit forms, so our forms will end up having dozens of hidden fields that we’ll need to scroll past, and our boards will have dozens of hidden columns. Are there other problems with this method I’m not thinking of? Not to mention that reading this forum, it appears that form fields can’t be duplicated and have to be rebuilt each time.

If I’m totally spacing on this, or there’s an add-on app or way to tweak this through the Developer Center, please let me know! I think this will be a deal-breaker and cause us not to purchase Monday.


Hey @slatapolsky. The best solution I can think of is using a separate board for these lists, then using a connect board column on the board hosting the form. Now, connect board columns are not supported in monday Forms, however you could use the SuperForm app as it will allow you to utilize connect board columns and will allow you to dynamically choose which options to show in the list.

So in your example, you would have a separate board “Reimbursable Items” with all the items listed. In that board, have a separate status column “Active”, “Inactive”, etc. When an item should no longer be used, set the status to Inactive. This will hide the option from view but will still retain history of when it was chosen.

Not the most elegant solution, but it works.


Very interesting. Thank you! We’ll look into that app.

And I’m now wondering whether this app could solve another problem. On all of our forms, we will have some identical fields, some of which have a lot of options and General Caster code attached. I’m wondering if using this app, that field could live in one board and then shared across all of our forms. So we’d only need to build the field once, and we’d make edits and updates in one place instead of separately on every form.