Ability to handle intermittent or poor network

I request that Monday.com be able to handle a poor or intermittent network connection on the desktop app, by not just throwing your changes into the void if they don’t make it to the server.

If my network connection is intermittently unstable, Monday.com loses changes. Every handful of seconds, if it didn’t successfully make contact with the server, everything I’ve done to the board in that time disappears. There isn’t sufficient retry, and I only get a vague error message. I might not notice until later what was lost, leaving me to retrace my steps. It can often be several actions (status changes, text changes) lost all at once.

I was told by support to simply not have an unstable network, and ensure I have 10Mbps download at all times. This is unrealistic. Especially while traveling… but also any network will lose connectivity from time to time, and the site should be robust enough to handle that. Also, working only on the mobile app is not a great solution when I’m doing an abundance of work on my laptop.