Feature Request : Add the possibility to access board without internet connexion

We need to be able to access our boards without internet in case there is no internet connexion when visiting our client.

Hey @Mayon85! Just incase you weren’t aware, we support offline mode via our mobile app. You can find more information here, Mobile app - Offline Mode :slight_smile:

Thanks for this information! But we still need to be able to use offline mode on our laptop. We can’t show anything to our client on mobile.


Back story - I’ve just started using Monday with a big client, and spent months building boards and training team members. We love it, it’s been a huge game changer for the company. My contract with this client is wrapping up, and I’m starting with 2 smaller clients who are all starting new businesses. I would love to suggest Monday as a project management tool for them but one thing is really holding everyone back. Desktop offline mode.

I understand offline mode is available for mobile, but viewing on a tiny screen isn’t great for much more than messages/comments or checking tasks/deadlines.

The introduction of Monday Docs has been really helpful in creating collaborative live documents and consolidating workflows (moving away from Google docs). But without offline mode, they feel it’s a hassle/confusing to bounce around on several apps and are having a hard time seeing the value of the couple of features that monday has vs. google workspace. Being able to work offline in public spaces and areas without reliable internet is a MUST for them.

Selfishly, I’d love to get them onto Monday, it’s just so much better.

Asking for a friend,

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Fully agree, we frequently travel on planes and use the time to put information from our meetings into minutes/lists/e-mails… and we want to use monday.com for a lot of this, but the desktop app does not allow this. Please make offline mode possible on the desktop app.

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Fully agree on the offline line. Team- anyone can review this again?

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Completely understand! Feedback noted :ok_hand:

Yes please, I need offline mode on desktop. Or at least the ability to use Monday.com in areas with less than perfect internet connections. As it stands, if my connection gives out momentarily, any changes I make to the board are lost. Not buffered to try again, just lost (I think it may do ONE retry, then they disappear). And I won’t really notice it until a few minutes later sometimes, when I see that some random assortment of my changes didn’t take.