Ability to set defaults globally, specific use case for my Work

I’d like to suggest that administrators be able to set more global settings as defaults for all of the users in an organization.
Specific use case where this would be helpful -
Our company uses subitems as the way to track time under each item. This causes a problem with the My Work feature, which shows subitems by default. This means that every time anyone logs time under a task, it shows up as Overdue on the My Work dashboard for every person who is attached to the task. This is flooding My Work with irrelevant items for everyone in our company, which makes the feature unusable. It is not realistic for us to have everyone at the company remove subitems from their own My Work settings and to continuously update it each time they are added to a new board. Ideally we could set a default setting for the organization that would now show subitems on My Work.