Accessing our secured backend API from monday app

We are building a monday app (Board view to be precise) and need to access our secured backend REST API.
I’ve gone through the getting started parts of the view & widgets here and I couldn’t find any reference to my use case.

Any ideas?


Hi @MeidarShloosh,
You can access to your REST API with an integration. Here is an example of custom block with our own API:

But you will probably have to dig into the app framework.
A workaround is to use the Zapier App (for instance in combination with webhooks).

Hi @MeidarShloosh, welcome to our community!

You can absolutely access your own REST API when building a board view. In this case, your app can perform the API calls behind-the-scenes outside of your index.html file.

While we don’t have starter code for this exact case, I think the Docs Viewer board view does provide more information than our Quickstart Board View for your use-case. Do you mind reviewing it as a starting point and seeing if that helps?


Hi @jeromeskiply thank you for the response indeed custom action works in the context of accessing my backend but I came across an issue with my trigger, I want my custom action to be triggered in case any one of two selected columns are updated (it is crucial that both column will be present in the board, each of different type).
Do you have any idea how to make it work?
As I understood custom trigger is meant for a case when recipe is triggered from a 3rd party so I don’t think it will be much help (correct me if I’m wrong).

@Helen thank you as well for your comment, I couldn’t find any behind-the-scenes API call in the docs viewer board view can you please enlighten me?

Hi @MeidarShloosh :wave:
You are right, custom triggers are not intended for that.
I never had to deal with such a combination of conditions. From a functional point of view, I think the only solution is to make 2 recipes, each one with a “column modify” trigger. Then, your API could make a request to the API to retrieve the value / presence of the other column.
It’s painful, but it should work…

Hey @jeromeskiply and @MeidarShloosh :wave:

Thanks so much for the great discussion points here! It does seem like an integration app would be your best bet here.

Perhaps it would make sense to use custom triggers in this case, and to use webhooks? As part of your integration recipe, you could have the user select both columns, and then your app would send a “create_webhook” API call for either of the selected columns, watching for updates.

Then, your integration flow would run as soon as you’d get a response from either of the webhooks you’ve created, and those could also be compared by ID, for example.

What do you think?


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Why not! Good idea @AlexSavchuk

Hi @AlexSavchuk,
An interesting approach, I just want to make sure I understood your solution.
I will create a custom trigger in which the user select both fields, then once the user enables the recipe I will receive the boardId and selected columns ids in my custom trigger’s subscribe endpoint and with those parameters I could create a webhook that will be triggered when each of the columns is changed and from that webhook I will trigger the recipe.
Is that correct?


Yes, exactly! You can find more info on how to create webhooks via the API here:

Perhaps the following topic by Bas can also shed even more light on this part of the flow:


Thanks a lot @AlexSavchuk I will give it a try.

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Hi @AlexSavchuk,
Your solution works perfectly thanks a lot.

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I’m so glad to hear that, @MeidarShloosh!

Happy building and I hope your development is a smooth sail :slight_smile:


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