Add link to attachment when an update is created by 'write updates via email'

My team wants to update multiple Monday items at once with an update, and can do so with the ‘write updates via email’ function, and using the pulse emails.

However we have a challenge. When an email is sent to the pulse and it has an attachment, any user receiving an email notification regarding the update will see within the email text of that update, but not the attachment self.
To see the attachment or a link to the attachment they have to go into Monday and look at the item.

This is not ideal. In comparison, if an update was added to the item directly in Monday with an attachment, anyone who is subscribed to receive email updates will receive an email with a link to the attachment.

What I’d like to see is the ability to view / download attachments within the email notification from an item update added by the ‘write updates via email’ feature.

Example use case: I have a daily report that needs to be posted to three boards. The reason for three boards is simple, permissions/access. There are other items of the boards that we don’t want people to see, and we don’t want to create a forth board for the sake of this one report.
At the moment the publisher would need to go to each board and post an update. The recipients then get their email notifications that the report is available and can download it from their devices.
Adding this function would allow the publisher to send one email which updates the three items on three boards at once.