Add file attachments from emails to Pulse Updates via drag and drop

I was really hoping to be able to add file attachments from Outlook emails to Pulse updates via drag and drop - without having to save them first.

I got hopeful when the cursor icon changed as I was dragging but, upon releasing the mouse button, nothing happened.


We often receive files via Outlook email which would be useful to immediately attach to pulses via drag and drop as we read the emails in our Inbox. Saving files first then uploading them is very old school and often doesn’t happen because it’s slow and inconvenient.

I work with a laptop and two external monitors (3 screens in total). I drag and drop files all day across monitors. It would be very quick and efficient if we could drag the file attachments from the email to the pulse update screen.


Yes!!! The weird thing is that this works for my boss, but not for me!

@Rachel Really? Your boss can drag an attachment from an Outlook email and drop it into a pulse update in Monday?

Which version of Outlook and which operating system?

Yes! It sounds bizarre right? Our outlook versions are the same (version 1902), and we are both windows 10, both using chrome, I don’t know where the difference is!

Oh I just re-read your update, he can drag the whole email and upload to pulse update, not just the attachment (well I’m not sure that he tried that)

I just tried dragging an email with an attachment - and that worked, sort of.

It brings the entire email in as a link to an .msg file.


Open that link and the attachment is inside.

Is that the same behaviour that your boss sees?

Yip, that’s right :slight_smile:

OK, good. Progress.

I’ll probably have to do that for now and see if this feature request ever progresses any further.

I would prefer to see the attachment itself in the pulse update. Just having an .msg link gives no indication that there’s an attachment inside.

Thanks for the tip, @Rachel.

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This has become a major issue for my team as well. I’m hoping that it is addressed soon…