Add new comments button column on demand, or integrate it into every column cell by default like excel

In excel, you can right click any cell and leave a comment. These comments are automatically dated and put in a conversation view, very much similar to the comment button for each pulse. I’d like the feature in Monday to add a comments column next to or integrated into every cell.

For example if I have a column where I track a important date. If I change the date, I’d like to leave a comment to explain why it was changed and circumstances why. I want the comment to be in the cell where the date is. If I post this explanation in the main pulse comment section, it gets lost with every other comment about other topics.

Assume I change this date 10 more times. It is quite efficient for the various comments only regarding that cell be saved there, rather than mixed in with every other comment.

Using Monday we have great tracking, but often lack context why something changed. The only option users have is to submit a post into the comments section for that pulse. That comments section is unorganized and include posts for all sorts of topics, making it super hard to find the comments only regarding that one column cell that changed.