Add search field to Connect Boards settings

Disconnecting boards from a high level board can be quite cumbersome. Adding a search box in the Connect Boards setting popup window would vastly improve the process of disconnecting boards.

We use a high level board to track all in-progress projects, which works well until we reach the enterprise limit of 60 connected boards. That is the point that we need to go and disconnect projects that are closing or closed. Scrolling through 60 boards in a tiny window is impractical.


Hi @MarkP

Amber here the team. The product team is looking at where there is room for improvement around the connect board and mirror columns.

Although your request here speaks specifically to the ability to search for connected boards, I’m wondering if you’re touching on a bigger pain point you seem to be facing which is a limit to the number of connected boards per column. Is that fair to say?

If you’re willing to share, I’d love to hear more about the workflow you have set up that leads to 60 boards being connected. Do you then have mirror columns on these connected items? What is the purpose here?

Further, when you go ahead and disconnect boards, what’s the meaning of that? How do you decide which boards no longer need to be connected and what is the implication of that on your workflow?
Really appreciate your time and input! Thanks :))

Hi Amber,

Thank you for your response. While the limitation on the number of connected boards is not my primary concern, I appreciate your acknowledgment of that aspect.

In my role, which closely aligns with that of a PMO, I maintain a high-level board to track all ongoing projects across our organization and I do use mirror columns to display progress and timelines for each connected board. Once a project concludes, I transition its status to “completed” and disconnect the board to make room for new projects. While the process of connecting and disconnecting boards is a it cumbersome, there’s a different feature I find lacking.

Specifically, when I navigate to disconnect a board, I encounter difficulties due to the inability to search through connected boards efficiently. The current interface presents a small window where I must manually scroll through all project names (only half of the name is visible due to the small size of the window) to locate the one that has been completed. It’s a time-consuming process that could be streamlined with a search function.