Add/update Google Calendar event on a specific calendar via automations (such as Status change or Date/Timeline updated)

The Google Calendar integration and automations are very limited and useless for our team. It would be great to be able to use automations to add or update events to specific calendars upon board events such as status change, date or timeline column changes, or even when any item update is created.

Here’s an example of one way we’d like to use it. We have a Google Team Calendar for Time Off. We’ve created a workflow in Monday for employees to request time off and managers to approve/deny it. When a request is approved, we’d like to be able to create a new event on the Team Time Off calendar via an automation. We’d also like to update that even if the request is updated/changed later.

I know that we could create a calendar view where employees can see the time off like they would on a team calendar in Google, but this doesn’t alllow for the same flexibility and access that a shared Google calendar provides so it’s not an option.

As things stand, the only way that I can see to do this would be to use something like Make or Zapier as a bridge to Google. That’s really not ideal.