AddGoogle Sheet Template

I have a Google Sheet with several tabs that is used as a multi-page input form. Can I set the Google Sheet template as the default file for a new project and have the completed Sheet saved to the project?

Hey Alan!

Absolutely! You can add it to the Files Column in your item default values feature so that every time a new item is created in that board, it is included in the Files Column field for that item.

Alternatively, if you use a new board per project, you could set up a board template that has this file uploaded in the Files Column and then create every new project from this board template.

What do you think about this? :blush:

Hey, Charlotte. I think that may work. Will I perhaps have permissions issues on the Google Sheets file?

Hey, Charlotte, it works! Thank you so much!

Hi, Charlotte,

Oops, I need a new spreadsheet file from a template when a new item is created. Can I do that? I don’t want my emplate overwritten.

Can I use a spreadsheet as an input form for an item? Here’s my spreadsheet:

Can I set the spreadsheet as a default for a new item?

Which spreadsheet will work for me?