Adding an important automation feature


I’m trying to implement a simple board to allow us to keep track of our stock. My idea was to have a ‘minimum stock’ number column and one ‘current stock’ number column for each item. I then wanted to change my status from ‘in stock’ to ‘order’ based on the condition being met that the ‘current stock’ number is lower or equal to the ‘minimum stock’.
I tried using a formula column to calculate this difference and/or display something which I could use to create an automation. This is unfortunately not possible. Which means that we’re not able to automate our stock tracking.
If somebody has a idea which does allow us to automate everything except for keeping up with the number of items in stock I would love to hear it!
Otherwise I’d love to have this feature added! As I can imagine a world of possibilities opening when you can automate actions based on a formula, it seems super powerful.

Kind regards,

Hi Lukas,

You should be able to do this with an automation like this:

I don’t see why it wouldn’t work but if it doesn’t, you can use a 3rd-party app called the Advanced Formula Booster. It can easily do that. See for more info on it.


Thanks for your response! I think your suggestion does not work for us because you want to define our minimum stock with a fixed number (‘some amount’). Our minimum stock numbers are very much different between items so this number is defined in a seperate numbers column. For this to work the second line in your screenshot should be able to look like this → “and only if number (currently in stock) is greater than number (minimum stock)”. As we are not able to define the minimum stock with a fixed number.
Also “when column changes” is not able to use the formula column? So I don’t see a possibility (as the support bot seemed to confirm) to base actions on relations between 2 number columns or on a formula column. Which is in my opinion a big gap in functionality.
The 3rd party app is a good suggestion but as we are a rather small company we don’t think it’s appropriate to invest another 35$ monthly into this specific automation.

Thanks for the suggestions anyway!

Kind regards, Lukas