Inventory Management: 'When Status Changes, add Column to Column'

So, I have an inventory management board as shown below:

I would like to set it up so when the ‘Order Trigger’ column (hidden in the picture) changes to ‘Order Triggered’, it will add the ‘order quantity’ to the the value already in the ‘on order’ column.

I thought this would work:

The formula is: SUM({pulse.Qty},{pulse.Order})

But it doesn’t work, its as if the formula is unable to work because it is trying to use the value already in there and overwrite it at the same time, so the column stays as it was before.

I also tried General Casters formula but this done the same thing:

Does anyone have any suggestions for anything else I could try?


Hi Joe,

You can do it with the Advanced Formula Booster, a new app that was released this week. Because it doesn’t rely on the formula column, because the formulas are created outside of monday’s environment, because it was designed to solve problems that monday can’t handle, it is a lot more flexible (I am the main developer).

Here is a quick video on how to do what you’re looking for using the Advanced Formula Booster:

I quickly created a Cutting Tools board, added 2 numeric columns called “Order Trigger” and “On Order”, a status column called “Order Triggered” and designed a one-line formula.

NOTE: I said one-line because formulas in the Advanced Formula Booster can have as many lines as you want (up to 100) and can even update multiple columns at once.

All the info on this app can be found at

Any question, please let me know.


Hi @joe.morgans :wave:

Still happy to show you through our working inventory demonstration that already has all these things set up! Let me know when you’re ready to reschedule :slight_smile:

Hi There,

I understand that you want this to be in one board but think about this process:

  1. Managing your orders in one board until the pre-order has been processed.

  2. Once the order is on Order Submitted, this trigger through an item move an automation that moves the total ordered to your Inventory Control Center.

  3. This way to have these separated for planning purposes and can scale the inventory control center for much more management solutions.

Happy to show you my version of this in a demo however I think splitting these operations will allow you to still accomplish this solution without using 3rd party solutions.

Happy to discuss!

Mike B
Automation Architect