Adding an UNDO feature in Activity tab

While that’s good news, from the way you word this it seems you are still moving in the weird, non-standard Undo implementation of the few items that allow undo at the moment - i.e. the floating bubble that lets you undo a few choice things.

Every other app in the world has a standard undo feature, with a standard history, standard keystrokes, etc.

Anything you do in the app should have an undo, simple as that. If you can change data, you need to be able to change it back.

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Here to say again how critical this is. It’s so easy to be in the item card view and accidentally select all items on the board behind that window and not realized that any chance you make is now made on every.single.item.

ANND now our team has to manually edit 342 items X 2 for the two fields that were accidentally bulk-changed. :exploding_head: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: