Adding Spell Check Feature

Having the spell check feature for grammer and spellilng issue would help clean up any issues and present clear information, data when exported, etc.

Anyone else want spell check in the desktop version?

Having to copy and paste from other software to spell check items gets tiring. The desktop runs smoother on our systems - so having the browser open to use grammar plugins isn’t ideal. Fast fingers yield lots of typos!

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Yes, I just realized that my notes were not going through a spell check! UGGG, I’m usually moving really fast trying to capture thoughts during meetings, etc. and I need this tool… so I don’t look like a tool!

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This is such a miss from the monday team
Spell check is already baked into OSX they just need to activate the native spellchecker.

please monday team fix this :slight_smile:


It’s been a couple of years since the first post on this topic, any progress on spellcheck in

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This was a problem I had with Monday. The best way to fix it that I have found is to turn on the built in spell checker for my browser. (I use Chrome).