Admin Function - Email to All Users on My Account

As an Admin, I would get value from being able to email my users regarding outages, new features, new boards, procedural changes, training resources, etc. Currently, I can export all users to CSV and then copy and paste to Outlook (with a little massaging) and send out a communication to all users. Ideally, I’d like to email all users on the account from the User page or go to the Teams page and select one, several, or all teams and send an email notification. Keeping my users informed would be much easier.


Hey Matthew! These are great ideas!

Have you tried making one “master team” and adding everyone in the account to a single team so that you can notify everyone from a main board or Updates Section in one fell swoop? Or would this not quite work for what you are thinking of?

Let us know your thoughts! :blush:

Hi Charlotte - this does not work for guests on a board.

Hi Charlotte, sorry for the delayed response. I like the concept but I’m not sure it would be effective. If I understand your suggestion, it would require I post an update to an item or create an item and rely on the notifications process within Monday. Not everyone has notifications turned on so this might not be effective. Our policy is to turn off most notifications as they created far too much “noise.” When an event occurs that requires a user to be notified, we build that specifically into an automation. If I’m overlooking something, please let me know and thank you for the suggestions.

Having been a Admin in Salesforce in my last position, this is a huge miss by The ability to email all the users on the account in the event of a service disruption is huge. If I am out on site, it is a huge pain to download the CSV file, copy the emails, then create the email in outlook and send it on my phone.
One button on the Admin page should do all that and is the standard for Administrators in today’s world.

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I would have to add an update as this is needed even more. Counting viewers, we are approaching 360 users and my phone is blowing up when there is a disruption issue on Monday’s end. I do not have the ability to let every user know with just a simple email from the admin page. I’ve admin on SAP, Salesforce, etc. and they have this function.