Advance Reporting

Hi Monday.

Is there a way to get a report of how much delays that occurred during the entire project process?

Our set up in Monday is like this:

A project has a daily set of schedule
Project 1
Task 1 - Day 1 - Designer
Task 2 - Day 2 - Writer
Task 3 - Day 3 - Account Manager
Task 4 - Day 4 - Client Approval
Task 5- Day 5. - Final Delivery from Accounts
Task 6- Day 6 - Launching

For example, the client did not get back to us on Day 4 for approval. Thus, causing a delay on the final delivery and launching. Thus, we needed to move the dates for the launching.

During post launch assessment, we wanted to assess the accountability of the causes of delays and we wanted to measure how many days it was delayed.

Is there a way to pull a report like this in Monday?

Thank you!

Hi @TJ_S

I would suggest (if you haven’t already done this) set up dependency and timeline columns for each Task. And also use the Gantt or timeline view to see a project length.

Then whenever a delay like this happens you can do 1 of two things:

  1. add a Task which says ‚ÄėClient approval delay‚Äô and make Task 5 dependent on that new task.
  2. simply lengthen Task #4 to be however long it actually took, and then make a note somewhere mentioning the delay.

I like option 1 because you can see the delay on the timeline/gantt view directly which makes it very obvious.
There may be other ways to do this, but hope that helps!

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EDIT - The baseline feature just came out a few days ago! (Pro and Enterprise plans only) The Gantt chart baseline ‚Äď Support

Of interest here is that if you use the Gantt chart as suggested by Tim, later this year monday․com will be releasing a baseline functionality so you can better capture and compare the planned timeline against the actual timeline. When that is released I think it will make the Gantt chart approach an even better option for you, @TJ_S

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Hi @PolishedGeek i see in this an other posts that you refer to upcoming new features… Where we can see this?

Hi @hlopezvc - I’m just extremely active in the monday․com partner community, and spend significant time each week keeping up with the latest monday․com developments and newest Marketplace apps. This helps my team and I deliver the best consulting services and workflow solutions for our clients, and when it’s appropriately on topic, I share tips here too. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

There isn’t an overall, publicly available roadmap for monday․com, although there are some specific ones that partners are allowed to share here, like the subitem roadmap: Subitems Product Plan

I should mention as a disclaimer that I do not work directly for monday․com. Polished Geek is a product-certified partner agency that provides expert implementation services, business process automation, consulting, training and custom developed apps for monday․com. And while I share what to the best of my knowledge is true and accurate at the time, monday․com makes all decisions about the priority, timing and final functionality of all features in the platform, and those plans are always subject to change, at any time.

~ Deb Cinkus, PMP
Founder & CEO of Polished Geek
monday․com Consultant

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