AI capabilities coming to monday sales crm

Exciting announcement for our monday sales CRM users…

We’re leaning into AI with our latest feature release, special for monday sales CRM.

Our AI assistant can do the heavy lifting when it comes to email writing.

Here’s what our AI assistant can help you with:

:pencil2: Composing emails based on your prompts

:nerd_face: Adjusting content to fit your desired tone

:writing_hand: Editing text until the message hits the spot

Send emails that (literally) write themselves and connect meaningfully with every prospect, lead, and client in barely any time at all.

:sparkles: Available only on monday sales CRM (in beta):sparkles:

Have you tried it out? Have any questions about monday sales CRM and AI?

Comment below!

That’s fantastic news! :rocket:

The addition of an AI assistant to our Monday Sales CRM is a game-changer. It’s incredible to see how it can simplify the email-writing process and enhance communication with prospects, leads, and clients.

The ability to compose emails based on prompts, adapt content to the desired tone, and fine-tune messages is a major time-saver. It’s like having a writing assistant at your fingertips!

We can’t wait to try it out and see how it streamlines our email outreach efforts. Thanks for continually improving and innovating our CRM experience. :muscle::e-mail::sparkles:

Looking forward to utilizing this feature! :clap:

Neelam B Consulting