All project tasks and subtasks

We have task boards for each of our projects with task and sub tasks. We would like a organization task board to show all of the company wide tasks and subtasks with mirrored columns so that we only have to update in one place (the individual task boards). I have this working for tasks but I also need it to show subtasks if applicable. Is there a way to mirror task columns if it is a task and mirror a subtask column if there is a subtask? I know I can add columns but since all groups on a board have to have the same columns, the number of columns is getting out of control. If there is a more efficient way to get this information, please share. Thanks!

Hi There!

Based on my understanding contextually of what you are looking to do, you would like the items to be reflected for a Task Summary Report for the entire company.

If you are looking to have visual analytics for overview of overdue tasks, overall progress and resource allocation of tasks, I would recommend a dashboard configuration. A couple reasons for this:

  1. Mirrored columns are limited and are great application for subtask rollup and reflecting other information from other boards.
  2. Replicating multiple tasks to another board will sometimes break if certain columns change or structure changes on the board.
  3. Having to set up the same connect column boards on new boards that get added can be missed.

My recommendation would be to to create a dashboard with your boards connected you want to display for a Task Summary. Add the following Widgets:

  • Battery Widget - see overall status of all tasks (subtasks included)
  • Graph Widget - set the x axis to board name and y axis to count tasks. Filter to overdue items on your timeline column. Will need deadline mode set on all timeline columns for this to work.
  • Graph Widget (Stacked) - Set x axis to people column, y axis to count of tasks and subtasks, stacked by status.
  • Workload Widget - add this to track number of tasks tracked per board and the load on the team. This can then be easier to reallocate efforts.

If you need assistance with this and want to explore other avenues reach out and we are happy to talk!

Talk soon!

Mike B
Automation Architect


I actually think I will be able to accomplish what I need using the ”My Work” page. We needed more that what a dashboard could provide. Thank you for responding.