Allow not members (Accounting Team)to view invoices

In my company, we have the Accounting Team (AT) that need to download invoices.
The AT doesn’t use actively Monday so they don’t need to be members (paying users) but only to download invoices.
It would be great to have a billing role, just to manage invoices or a simple way to allow them to receive the invoices in PDF through emails.

Hey @Fabio.Etiqa!

Let me know if I’ve misunderstood, but I wonder if you might find this information relevant, Billing Contacts?

You are able to assign a viewer/s as a billing contact so that they can access this specific information without having to be a paying member on the account. I hope this helps!

Hi @BiancaT ,
The billing contacts just receive notification for:

  • the initial purchase of the account
  • plan changes
  • plan cancellations
  • plan renewals
  • any recurring charges
  • refunds
  • exceeding the number of billed seats
    What we need is that they can receive as well the invoices in PDF format so that they can register the invoices in QuickBooks.
    As an alternative, Billing Contacts with View Access should be able to access the billing area.

Thanks for your reply!

This is the type of notification that the billing contact would receive:

Is this what you’d need shared with the billing contact? That said, in order to view the entire invoice via the “here” link they’d need to log into the account so I do understand the request for greater accessibility for these contacts :+1:

I’m not receiving this email monthly bases

Hi @BiancaT,
I checked internally, the billing contacts are receiving the email but they have no permission to view the invoices

I am afraid whilst they will be able to receive those emails as shown in my screenshot, they will not be able to then download the invoices or see them within the admin section without being given admin accessibility. I apologise for the setback here :pray: