Allow to define how many values can be selected in a dropdown column

I agree. It is a pretty basic requirement that things are a lot of the time, only one value.

A workaround is to use the Label column instead. Dropdown column allows multiple, and Status is tied to status of the task. Label is independent and has only 1 option selectable.

It’s disappointing that this is not already a part of the product. It’s fundamental. A List Box is equally fundamental.

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Any updates on this???

Do you think you can tell us if you want to consider our request related to the dropdown column? For me, this change is very important, and from what I see, also for the users who wrote here about it

I’m shocked this very basic feature is still not supported but Monday is adding AI features to the platform :melting_face:.

I have a picklist for US States – I don’t want anyone to select more than one and I can’t leverage the status or label columns because they have a limit of 40 values. Additionally, there’s a country column but not a state column. This is a frustrating scenario!

Does anyone know of any workarounds to this issue?


We like that dropdown column can have a predefined list of values, but it also allows multiple value selections. We need the ability to define a list of values, but only accept the selection of a single value.

We considered using Status or Label column types, but they do not support conditional formatting of the cell.

This seems like a basic feature … and it should be easy to implement. The importance of this is significant as it makes a impact on the easy of use and the automations associated with this column.

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Hi Team,

Will the functions be in the sprint plan of function addup?

Even SharePoint Lists have this feature. Please add this.

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There are many threads that say the same thing. This is a basic feature. The moderator needs to consolidate the votes

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Upvoted - Just like John said, very simple but important. Does anyone know if this is coming soon?

@monday-team this absolutely needs to happen ASAP. How do we get this rolling?


@monday-moderators @monday-team Can we at least get an update on plans for this from the devs please?

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Dropdown fields absolutely need an option to force only one selection. Single-select, similar to how a status works but…a dropdown.

Currently, I am using a dropdown to list something we have more than 40 of (the largest number of options available in a single-select status column). I need to force the user to only select 1 option at a time.


I appreciate my original request being moved here and rolled into a single thread, however, I’ve noticed some variation of this request has been submitted multiple times over the past year and a half. Are the votes from these other requests being added into this thread? I understand the voting system, but i feel like it should be less about votes and more about requests and comments overall. If it gets requested, then 50 people comment on various threads about it but only 10 people vote, does that count as 50 people asking for it or 10?
Also, this seems like something that should already be a part of the platform, and is easily attainable within the current framework of Monday and/or should already be in production.
Or do people have to rally others to vote in in a specific feature request thread like a political campaign?

This is one of those “gotta have it” things in Monday.

Hi Vito,

I appreciate your comments and hear where you’re coming from.

At this time, the process is based off votes per feature request, a process that we believe works best for the structure of the community. We encourage users to upvote their desired feature requests (across all channels) and do our best to merge all matching feature requests to consolidate all votes - that said, we recognise some may fall through the cracks and appreciate this being brought to our attention. Our goal is to merge all matching feature requests into the one thread to ensure all votes are accurately counted. On that note, we understand that there can be variations across posts, and if the community member does not believe requests match, we will not go ahead with the merge, which is why you may find similar posts circulating the community…

Please find a more detailed overview of the process here → All you need to know about our new Feature Request process

There’s always room for improvement so I will ensure I take this my team internally :pray:

Regarding the feature request itself, I have reached out to the developers directly and asked whether there is information on a development status.

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Update - the team have confirmed that the feature is in its consideration phase. No confirmed ETA at this stage, but it is on their radar! We appreciate your continued patience with our team.

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Hi community, Thank you for your thoughtful feedback. Our product team understands the importance having the capability to define how many values can be selected in a dropdown column and our product team is currently looking into different ways to bring this feature to life. While this feature is on our long-term roadmap, we do not have an exact date for when it will be released. We will update you as our team continues to make progress on this feature!

Keep sharing your ideas with us and learn more about our feature request process here:

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Hi Juliette,

Is there someplace specific that shows all requests in the “long term roadmap”, as well as a generic status of that request in the process? This may be helpful information for users to be able to see where their request is and have a general idea of how far away it may be.