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The idea of Viewers is great. I never want a viewer to be able to update anything. But if they have a question, or an updated piece of information, rather than forcing them to message me over teams or email, just allow them to “Add to the Conversation”. Don’t block that feature. We should be able to have a dialogue with Viewers in the platform when they have questions or needs.

The ability for “Viewers” to add to comments would be immeasurable to our New Product Development space. We have hundreds of sales and service people that I would like to have the ability to interact with in this space, but don’t want them to have the ability to change structure or add/delete items, nor would it be affordable or useful to make them “Members.” So, this is a big gap in the effectiveness of the system. I need to find a workaround that doesn’t force us back into emails or suggest to so many that is not the right choice of tools…

Use Case: How we use now
• We’ve recently created a New Product Development (NPD) board for our company in Previously, this, along with our QCR/ECR systems, resided in the company’s internal network site. One of the limitations to this was the difficulty integrating this with our project management tools, as well as the limitations on collaborating with the requestors to truly understand the need for such projects/developments. Extensive use of emails makes this process more difficult, since not all email chains get routed to the right sources at the right times. Most of the NPD’s that come in originate from our sales and service folks around the globe, upwards of 150 people and consistently growing. We’ve made the entry of requests very easy by adding the form to our network site, however when we need to get more info from them we have to resort back to emails… Due to the way we’ve set up the Form, the need to get more information for an NPD Request doesn’t happen every day or with every request. So, buying additional licenses for this would not be cost justifiable.
Feature Request in the context of our pain
• The feature we would like to request is a method whereby a “Viewer” can simply add comments to the Updates section of an item. We don’t want them to have the ability to delete anything or add to any item content…, just to be able to answer a question posed to them for clarification… Additionally, if they can attach a file, that would be helpful as a picture can speak volumes.
Impact on our team and adoption of Monday
• We recently just increased our licenses in the Enterprise package from 50 to 65 Members. We also just recently held our Global Kickoff for 2023, where received considerable attention. So, while there has been significant focus placed on the importance of to our project management and new product development processes, our budgets are locked into a number of these and will not likely include expansion of our licenses for Monday again soon. The issue is, at this early adoption phase of, if our sales service team can’t at least comment / answer questions inside our source of truth (, it will quickly lose its luster with that group and we’ll be forced back into the email vortex.
Workarounds and their impacts
• As mentioned above, the only work around I’ve found so far is going back to emails. This slows our process, de-emphasizes the value of and risks the propagation of using for more applications within our business.
• A second potential work around that I’m testing now is to create an Online Doc, share access in Google Drive and see if Viewers can add anything. If this works, one additional issue this will create is the need for more training and encouragement for these non-Monday users to use Monday. The more difficult we make it and the more steps we add, the less they will use it, especially since their primary objective is to SELL…

A very similar topic here: Require another user type between 'Member' and 'Viewer'. Go vote!

This is something we are also facing. There has to be a way around this. has anyone find some solutions?

I second this request. We have many “viewer” execs who would sometimes like to add comments on certain tasks. However, we’re on an enterprise plan so purchasing additional full price licences just to let them comment on a few tasks is simply not worth it.

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Any update from Monday if this is in the pipeline of features or something can be done on modifying a subscription option for “Viewer but can comment”? Really need this feature!

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Any update on this? I spoke to a rep and they said they were going to add a vote for every member on our account. Not seeing that reflected here. We would find this incredibly useful at our company.