Am I able to change the reply to of a form on

Hi there! I’m setting up a workflow for folks to submit a form that goes to an external org (not on my board) to kick off a workflow. This external org will need to reply to the email to confirm their receipt of the information.

Ask: Is it possible to change the ‘reply to:’ to the individual who submitted the form? It is important that they receive the confirmation notification.

Thank you!

Hey Jamie!

Are you operating the email part of this workflow in If so, is this within your Updates Section?

I’d love to know more about how the trigger works and the specific automation recipes you’re using here so I can get a better sense of what can be customized as it is different between the Emails & Activities app in Updates and the email integration recipes. :blush:

Thanks, Jamie! Looking forward to hearing back so we can come up with a good solution! :brain: