Android Widget for My Week

It’d be great if we had an Android widget that we could use that showed our My Week on our home screen.

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Hey @rpandya

Are you asking to automatically see My Week when you go into the Android app? You do have My Week on the app already but you need to click to get there.

Let me know if that’s what you meant?


Android OS has “widgets” that you can place on your home screen. It essentially allows you to interact with an app without opening it. For example, I have an Outlook calendar widget on my home screen so that I can always see what’s on my schedule without having to open the Outlook app and navigate to the calendar.

It’d be great if I could place a “My Week” widget on my home screen so that I have constant visibility into My Week without having to open the app and navigate to My Week.

Here’s a brief article about Android widgets: