Popups in widget not working anymore - buggy updates

Anyone notice that app popups are not working anymore in widgets? I have a mailto: link and a print button in my app that both stopped working today. It is the third time in 2 weeks that something breaks on Monday due to a Monday update.

It’s not only the frequency of things breaking, but also the loops you have to jump through to get the bug recognized and fixed. You need to describe the problem, add screenshots, adding a log file, posting a videoclip and they also ask you to replicate the bug after clearing your cache and/or using an incognito window, which means logging in again, using 2FA and replicate the bug. Then you need to wait a few hours, and hope that it gets fixed within 24 hours.

To be honest the last few weeks I feel like a contributor to an open source project. Except it isn’t, and we’re paying good money for Monday.

So maybe some additional quality control wouldn’t hurt…

Hey there! We are so sorry to hear this has been happening and that you have had a cumbersome support experience trying to get other bugs resolved! :pensive:

We would love to look into this internally and also collect more of your feedback. Would you be willing to send us an email (support@monday.com) or a DM on any of our social platforms to talk further about your experience?

It means a lot to us to better understand your situation and identify the roadblocks and hangups you’ve encountered so we can work on making not only our product run smoother, but the process for fixing any issues as well. We hope to hear from you! :pray:

this one also caught us completely off-guard. for all of our Enterprise-level internal workflows, we use Dashboards with HTML Embedded code that presents a simple, easy to use navigation interface for our users to get around complex workflows.

two days ago NO dashboard allows popups/links to be activated when the buttons are clicked. the only workaround was to right-click the button and “open link in new tab/window.”

this put us in damage-control mode and we actually had to develop a completely new temporary interface using Text widgets with hyperlinks that way (since for some reason those still worked).

very interested to hear what the cause of this was and if we will ever get that functionality back.

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I got this back from support today:

Steven here stepping in for the monday.com tech support team and happy to help!

Thanks for taking the time to reach out and for the details shared about your concern.

What you describe here seems related to this announcement (from our Apps Framework Changelog).

We wanted to let you know that this change has been postponed and everything should be working like usual. However, it is important that you take the necessary actions to maintain the proper functionality of your app before these changes take effect again (the new release date will be posted on our changelog page shortly).

Since you’re using popups you may want to check out the new SDK method that allows you to open links in a new tab.

I hope you find this information useful, please let us know in case you happen to have any other questions or further concerns.


Probably more people were caught off-guard. Can’t blame them, as the only way to know about this is to follow the blog he mentions. I don’t understand why they don’t pro-actively mail every admin user about this, at the very least the ones that do development.

thanks so much for posting that!!

at least we have an answer for why it happened in our use case. guessing the developer for the widget we are using didn’t update accordingly and that’s why ours broke. good to know!