Annoying behaviour of status colour overriding status text label when moving items between boards

Hi, am I the only one to have this problem? I have a board for incoming enquiries from which I move items with their data into a CRM board for further processing / record keeping. One of the data items on the incoming board is about the year a previous assessment was done. The client can select only one year in the form so this is a Status type column. 11 year options available, so 11 colours.

When I move these items into the CRM board which has a status column with the same 11 years, but not the identical colour associations, Monday inexplicably translates the data by colour, rather than preserving the (much more important) text of the item. So I might move an item with a label that is 2016 (green) and it arrives in the CRM with 2012 (green) and every single time I have to remember to correct it.

What is the logic behind letting colours (which add no value to me - in fact I’d love an option of a status column that didn’t have to have colours associated with each label) overwrite text in this scenario?

Yes I know I can go through and adjust the colours on each of my boards to associate with the exact same year labels but that is not particularly simple to do - especially when some of the colours I need for one year are in use already in the same board for a different year.

I could also restructure the boards so that the year is a dropdown column type, but then I run the risk of having clients select multiple options, which I would prefer to avoid.

If anyone has any suggestions as to how better to manage this I’m all ears.