Any Internet Marketing Agencies out there?

We are an internet marketing agency and have set up client boards but we are wondering if there are any internet marketing agencies specifically facebook who use Monday and how they have their boards set up. If willing to share and or direct me on a set up that works well?

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Hi Clare,

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Whilst I can’t comment on how Facebook use their boards, we’re a Global Gold Monday.Com partner with over 20 years specialising in Workflow and Content in many industries.

We have a team of Monday experts and have developed a very popular ‘Fresh Start’ packages for reviewing, improving and onboarding

If you would like a quick call to see how we can help, please drop me a line


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We have a multi-channel marketing set up we can show you that may at least help to give you ideas on how you can manipulate the boards to see what you need to and engage different teams - give us a shout and we’ll walk you through it:

Team Easy :slight_smile:

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