API connectivity issue "Cannot read property 'map' of undefined"

hello everyone,

I am getting “Cannot read property ‘map’ of undefined” when trying to create an item in monday.com

keep in mind, board is set to private, I have tried my admin user level API key and also organization key, neither are working. please check my loom video for more details.

Hey @vacho,

Thanks for reaching out!

This seems like you’re creating the item via Zapier, is that correct? If so, this error is most likely caused by a Dropdown column without any Labels in your board.

Could you please check if you have columns of the type “dropdown” with no labels available and if you do, add at least one label, refresh the Zapier tab and try again? (you do not need to actually select the label you create in any item, just create the label).

Adding labels and then re-selecting the board or refreshing fields should do the trick for you :slight_smile: We are planning to fix this in the future, too.