Api playground vs. debugger

I’ve been looking at the column types and syntax to get the different values from the columns. But sometimes it seems that the data/structure shown via the api playground is different than when I use my nodejs debugger.

for example, the status (“color”) column. The API playground lists the info like this:

“title”: “Status”,
“type”: “color”,
“id”: “status”,
“value”: “{"index":0,"post_id":null,"changed_at":"2021-08-09T07:23:10.900Z"}”,
“text”: “Working on it”,
“additional_info”: “{"label":"Working on it","color":"#fdab3d","changed_at":"2021-08-09T07:23:10.900Z"}”

my debugger shows the following in the value field:

value: {
label: {
index: 0,
text: “Working on it”,
style: {
color: “#fdab3d”,
border: “#E99729”,
var_name: “orange”,
post_id: null,

note that via the api playground, it looks like I can get the index from value by doing value.index, and to get the label text, I need to use text or additional_info.label (not available in value)

but according to my debugger, I get the index via value.label.index and the text via value.label.text.

So the structure is different, and I’m wondering which information I can rely on when I’m interfacing with other applications. And can I assume that whichever structure I’m supposed to use…will it stay as it is, or is it prone to random changes?



Hey @Msh,

Just to make sure we’re on the same page here, is there any chance that you are querying the board’s column values in one case, and getting a Webhook payload in another? Querying board data and Webhook payload can indeed be different.

I’d love to understand the way your debugger runs in this case so we can clarify and confirm further.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon! :slight_smile:



The values I’m looking at in my debugger are basically being pulled from the activity log DB on Monday’s end.

I’m understanding that there are certain instances where the input and output column types diverge (i.e. numbers/numeric, checkbox/boolean), and there is a different structure for input and output setups. I’m wondering if there is any documentation on this that specifies what the changes actually are.