API Returning Blank Activity Logs

I’ve been trying to query the API to get a list of Activity Logs for a particular board. No matter which board I query I always get an empty string returned in “activity_logs”

{boards (ids: XXXX) {name activity_logs (limit:10) {id event data}}}


  "data": {
    "boards": [
        "name": "XXX",
        "activity_logs": []
  "account_id": XXXX

Am I missing something?

Hey @GBond,

Thanks for reaching out. That does seem quite odd.

I’ve just tested this on a board within my account I have access to, and the query seems to work without issues:

Just to clarify, are you making this request via the API playground, or Postman? Do both of those options provide the same result?

I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon! :slight_smile:


Hi @AlexSavchuk ,

I’ve tried querying through the API Playground and Python, and get the same result (a blank list).

Here’s what I get in the API Playground when I query items and activity logs for the same board…


That’s really odd. Could you reach out to us via email to appsupport@monday.ocm, and provide a screenshot of what you are seeing when you open that specific board’s Activity Log via the interface?

It would also be great to understand if you receive the data if you query a different board, is the same empty string returned?


I’ve sent the mail Alex, also included a screenshot of a query that requests the first two activity logs for every single Board we have. All are returned blank!


Hi Alex, I sent the email into support last Friday and haven’t heard anything back yet. Are there any other channels I can use to get in contact with someone?


Hey Greg, sorry for the radio silence on your email! We have received it and will follow-up over there.