Apple ARM Native Monday Desktop App

As someone working on Apple ARM, I am very disappointed to see that close to 2 years after the release of Apple ARM, there is still no Native Monday Desktop app.

The best part is when talking to their support - they replied to me in a style of “Yes, we are aware, and this is a great idea, but currently, there are no plans at all to develop a Native Apple ARM app

Lack of development and no plans to do so is very disappointing. To rely on Rosetta emulation for more than two years, where the whole purpose of Rosetta 2 was a temporary solution for companies while they transitioned to the new Apple ARM Architecture instead of a long-term use solution.

Clearly, this is not a funds-related issue but a case of bad management where some “effective decision maker” simply neglects this.

How to turn this around - more people are demanding the feature. Hence this topic.


Can’t believe this has no votes. The website is smoother than the app…