Are multi-board mirrored columns supported in email auto-population?

Basically looking to do what the title says. I have a mirror column that pulls simple numeric data from multiple boards and sums it up on board 1. I’m then mirroring this summed column to another board - board 2. From board 2, I’m then trying to auto-populate that value into an email to send out.

I know auto-population doesn’t formula columns, so will I run into the same wall with multi-board mirrored columns?

Hi @jarin!

Can you please clarify as best you can how many boards/levels of mirroring you’re referring to here? It does sound like due to the amount of boards you’re mirroring this data across that this would explain why you’re unable to pull this data into the email, but I do want to check first :+1:

Data is being mirrored across 3 boards, possibly 4 levels depending on how you define it.

Board 1 - A formula column sums up a few columns of data into one cell
Board 2 - Multiple-board mirrored column sums a total from cells across multiple boards (each board is month, so it’s pulling data across 3 right now - Jan, Feb, March)
Board 3 - Mirroring this summed value from board 2 to another board.

Thanks for clarifying this as it has helped explain why you’re encountering this issue. Currently the platform is unable to support advanced functionality for data that is mirrored over 3 levels which is why this data is not appearing for when attempting to populate your email box - sorry for the setback here! :pray:

Thank you for clarifying, Bianca!

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